'Afterlight' means having endless possibilities within the day.
Hope you'll find simple comfort here, whether morning or night ✨

About Afterlight

Hi! 👋🏼 We make sustainable coconut-soy wax candles and other functional scented gifts :)

Afterlight is all about making life more enjoyable daily, and the world a little less stressed!

🌳 5% of our proceeds are donated to a greater cause monthly, which we're able to because of you!

Coconut soy wax sustainable eco friendly scented candles Malaysia | Afterlight

Why Coconut Wax

🌴 Renewable, harmless sources

✨ Cleaner burn (sootless)

⏳ Longer burn time than paraffin & soy wax

🍃 Farther scent throw

Read more about Coconut Wax here

What people say about Afterlight

  • "Love Afterlight's packaging the most! The frosted glass looks really pretty when I light up the candles and it comes with a lid. The aluminium containers for the small candles are also a lot more convenient for travelling. Generally love the concept so much!"
    - @roe19s, regular Shopee customer

  • "Hi Afterlight Team! I received my candles—they're so cute and pretty 🥹🤍 and not to mention, they smell divine! Amazing customer service; from start to finish, you've been so helpful and patient with all my requests and delivered them all on time. Thank you so much for your help! Will definitely purchase from here again. 10/10 would recommend 🌟" - @roseanne_james, customised order customer

  • "I actually love the scent a lot! Good blend and non toxic feeling for my nose! The coconut wax is actually very enjoyable to smell, and the reed diffuser is perfect for my room and bath hehe :)" - Amy, WhatsApp customer

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