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Holiday Wax Melts

Holiday Wax Melts

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All the¬†Christmas¬†smelling, adorably¬†holiday¬†things in a tub¬†ūüćĀ¬†Melt them to feel like you're going on an escape!

What they smell like:

Tree - Cypress, Freesia and Sandalwood
Gingy Boy - Vanilla and Cinnamon
Star - Apple, Sage and Fresh Leaves

Add as much as needed to your wax melter for a stronger scent!

Product Details:

  • Wax melts come in a tub
  • Weight: ~150g
  • Packaging Dimensions: 9cm x 9cm¬†
  • Please note that all our¬†wax melts¬†are handmade, so they¬†will have slight imperfections, different shapes (depending on the mould) and colour variations.
  • If you choose to purchase the set with a wax melter, 3x tea light candles are provided. Each tea light candle can burn up to 4 hours.
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Care Instructions

When you extinguish the flame of the tea-light candle in your wax melter, do not touch your melter with bare hands as it is still hot. Leave the melter until it is cooled down. If there is still a melted wax pool in the melter, leave it to harden. You can melt the wax pool the next time you re-light your melter.